Cost of Home Advocacy Campaign

Habitat for Humanity International strives to both change the systems that lead to poverty housing and to build communities where everyone can afford to live. To that end, we work to educate policy makers and change public opinion about affordable housing.

The Housing Crisis

Nearly 2 billion people around the world live in slum housing and over 100 million are homeless. Families are trapped in a daily struggle to survive amid substandard and often inhuman living conditions.

Help Provide Simple, Decent Shelter

We believe that every man, woman and child should have a safe and affordable place to live. While building homes is central to our mission, it is only one piece of the puzzle.

Take Action with Habitat

Ask your government representatives to change the systems, policies, attitudes and institutional behaviors that lead to inadequate housing and homelessness. Send a message to Congress now. 

Learn More about Public Policies that Change Lives

Find out which policies can be enhanced or changed to provide more affordable housing around the world. Public policies. 

Take Action Now

There are several ways to take action now and help us

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