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Volunteer Recognition

Whether you are swinging a hammer, advocating for affordable housing, or volunteering in one of our ReStores, our volunteers play an integral role in revitalizing our communities. 

We are thrilled to launch our newest volunteer recognition program! This year through Community Connect, volunteers who register their hours online will be eligible for Reward Badges! Reward Badges are based off of annual volunteer hours that have been logged on our volunteer website.  All badge earning volunteers will be entered into a quarterly prize drawing.  

Also, the entire month of April we will be celebrating Volunteer Appreciation Month!

Habitat Greater Cincinnati Hall of Fame


Lifetime Achievement Awards:

John Soller
Rick Beharry
Chuck Beckman
Kent Anderson
Dick Barbian
Tom Brinkman
Ed Koenig
Bud Rullmann
Paul Knue


Volunteer Awards presented by HFHGC:

Collective Visions - ReStore Partnerships
The Electric Crew (A-Team) - Construction
Jozie Banas - Habitat Campus Chapter
Rebecca Kiefer and Geoff Roberts - Habitat Young Professionals
The Leo Family - Habitat Mission

Volunteer of the Year Award presented by Habitat Ohio:

The Electric Crew (A-Team)


Presidential Service Awards presented by HFHGC:

Richard Barbian
Ken Clark
Michael Flynn
Ilana Matheson
Dick Mushaben
John Slattery
Lin Weikert
John Wright


“Beyond the Roof” Lifetime Achievement Award:

Larry Webb


“Beyond the Roof” Lifetime Achievement Award:

Carl Bergman

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