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building stability

Banker Build

The Banker Build brings community leaders from the financial industry together to construct a Habitat for Humanity home in Greater Cincinnati. Come alongside Habitat for Humanity to support a family's dream of owning their first home.

April 2024

Thanks to all who joined us for the first Banker Build!

Building financial stability for generations.

As a financial industry professional, you know the impacts that homeownership can have on a family for generations. When families are able to purchase a safe and stable home that they can afford, they are able to invest in other areas of their lives like education or retirement. Banker Build helps to support the financial literacy classes Habitat homebuyers attend as part of the homebuying process.


Home equity is the primary wealth-building vehicle for middle-class Americans, but is often out of reach for low to moderate-income families. At Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati, we remove barriers to homeownership for first-time homebuyers to help end cycles of poverty.


"One of the biggest takeaways for both of us was the financial classes. The classes helped give us a foundation for understanding our credit —understanding how to use it, and when and when not to use it. That all plays such a big part in making sure we can maintain the house after having the house. And not only just the house itself but other areas. We both actually had to get a car within six months of living here so we were able to do that and pay them off as well because we had that information and knowledge on how to do so."

-Sheree, Habitat Homeowner since 2018

speaking about Habitat financial literacy classes that she attended with her adult daughter as part of the homeownership program.

Bankers invested in financial wellness. 

Cincinnati is a thriving banking community with a strong history of community support. By teaming up with other financial industry professionals, Banker Build has the power to raise funds, walls, and awareness to increase the financial wellness of a family through affordable homeownership.

With the support of their institutions and networks, teams of financial industry professionals will work alongside a Habitat homebuyer to construct a Habitat home. When the home is complete, the homebuyer will purchase the home with a 0% interest mortgage giving them a strong foundation for their future.

Meet the homebuyer family.


Check back for information about the homebuyer family for the banker build. 

Why Habitat?

Habitat builds and renovates decent, affordable houses for people who make between 30%-80% of the area's median income. All partner homebuyers must demonstrate a reliable source of income as well as invest 250 hours of sweat equity in their home and in education classes. Houses are sold at no profit with a 0% interest, 30-year loan. The homeowner's mortgage payments are reinvested to build more Habitat homes.     


Affordable housing solutions help local families in need provide a stable, sustainable environment to build a better future:   

  • Children of homeowners are 25% more likely to graduate from high school, 116% more likely to graduate from college, and will earn 24% higher incomes.   

  • Homeowners are 28% more likely to vote in local elections and engage in civic, school, and community groups .

  • Homeowners are 34% more likely to have a retirement account. 

  • Affordable housing (less than 30% of income) frees up family resources for other important expenses like nutritious food, job training, and healthcare expenditures .

Thank you to our 2024 Banker Build Sponsors!


Equity Partner

Silver Partner

  • General Electric Credit Union


Contributing Partner

  • PNC Bank

Get Involved

Corporate Sponsorship


Leverage your network to raise funds and spend a day on-site with your group building the Banker Build home. Every dollar raised goes to fund the material costs of the home.

Home Dedication

Friday, June 7, 2024

10:00 AM

6258 Betts Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45224

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