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Stock and IRA Gifts

Other Ways to Give

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati welcomes gifts of stock and has a brokerage account with Merrill Lynch for your convenience in transferring publicly traded securities. Electronic delivery of shares is the most secure and expedient process available and provides efficient internal control as well as cost savings. It’s a simple two-step process:

1. Contact Your Broker with your donation intentions. Have them transfer the securities to:

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Group

Andrew Felger

312 Walnut Street, Suite 2425

Cincinnati, OH 45202

DTC Number: 8862
Beneficiary Account Number: 7LS-03000
Beneficiary Account Name: Habitat for Humanity Greater Cincinnati

Brokerage Contact Information:
Stephanie Beck Borden, 513-562-2149 or Andrew Felger, 513-579-3788
Toll Free: 1-800-919-3618  Fax: 513-322-4133

2. Notify HFHGC of your intentions

Please notify us at or 513-482-5605 that you initiated the stock gift, as stocks arrive in our account without identification. This will ensure the gift reaches Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati as you intended, and that we know how you would like it to be used. The date that the control of the stock is transferred is key to determining the tax deduction for the gift. Please provide the following information:

  1. Donor's first and last name, phone number and address

  2. Name of the company the stock shares are coming from

  3. Number of shares to be donated

  4. Name and phone number of broker/custodian

  5. When broker will be directed to execute the gift

  6. Whether gift is for general support of Habitat’s mission or a specific purpose

Shortly after receipt of your gift, you will receive a gift acknowledgement letter that may be used for tax purposes. 

Note: Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati is obligated to record your gift as of the day it is received into its brokerage account. Because of the increased volume of year‐end gift transactions, we suggest that you plan year‐end charitable giving as early as possible.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati does not provide financial, tax, or legal advice. You should always consult with your financial advisor before initiating a charitable gift arrangement.

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