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Donate to the ReStore

Your donations will be offered for sale to the public at our ReStores, providing crucial income to carry out Habitat for Humanity’s mission to build homes, communities, and hope. Because we are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, we will give you a charitable gift receipt for the items you have donated.

How to Donate:

1. Drop Off When Stores Are Open

  • Donation Hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

  • We accept items at all six of our ReStores, you can find your closest ReStore on our Locations page

  • Dropping off items we cannot use and leaving items after hours increases our operating costs and creates an unsafe environment for our staff and customers.

2. Schedule a Donation Pick Up:

To schedule your free residential donation pick up through one of our Donation Coordinators, please call Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or Sat 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at 513-721-GIVE (4483). PLEASE BE PATIENT- If our schedulers are busy, please leave a message.

Priority pick-ups will occur within 48-72 hours and will be subject to a fee.

To schedule your free business donation pickup, please contact Mike Moore-Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm at 513-482-5655 or email

Once you have scheduled a  pick-up, please note it on your calendar. On your pick-up day, our driver will call to let you know when he or she is on their way. A donation of $10 or more to offset delivery expenses and support the Habitat for Humanity mission is appreciated but is not required. If you prefer, you may make a donation securely online here.

For the safest, most efficient pick-ups, please follow these guidelines:

  • Have all materials available on ground level (i.e. garage or driveway; if needed, ask a relative or neighbor to help you put it there)

  • Please mark all items “Habitat for Humanity ReStore”

  • We cannot accept hazardous materials and we are unable to haul away any trash


Thank you for helping us to help others with your generous donation!

What Can I Donate?

We can only accept what customers will buy in our stores and items that are in good condition and full working order. Our ReStore guidelines help lower waste removal costs so that more proceeds can go to support Habitat's work. Please refer to our acceptable donations guide below to determine whether or not your item can be donated. For specific questions, please visit our Locations page and call your local  ReStore.

See if your item is Acceptable  for Donation


  • Yes, if in good working condition, and not in need of any repair.

  • No dishwashers or hot water heaters were built before 2013 due to changes in EPA lead-level regulations.

  • No wall ovens


Architectural Items

  • Yes, if in good condition, columns, antique windows, mantels, porch post, interior railings, stained glass


Baby or child items 

  • No items intended for use by children under age 12, such as "cribs, cradles, safety gates, enclosures, playpens, infant swings, highchairs, toddler beds, strollers, toy chests, child helmets, beanbag chairs", etc.

Bathtubs/ Showers

  • Yes, fiberglass bathtub/stall if in good clean condition

  • No glass shower doors

Bed Frames and Headboards

  • Yes!

    • Please note, Fairfield ReStore cannot accept bedframes at this time. 

  • No bunk beds

Blinds/ Window Treatments

  • Yes, functioning blinds in good working condition, new cordless style only

  • No corded window blinds

  • No drapes or curtains


  • Yes,  if clean and intact, with no mold or odors

  • No textbooks

Building materials

  • Insulation, yes – new only (in bundles, unopened)

  • lumber, yes in the following conditions:

    • plywood – full to ½ sheets

    • milled lumber – 6’+ lengths

    • trim/ molding – 6’+ lengths

  • Siding, yes- in full boxes

  • New plumbing pipe, yes - PVC/metal/copper 

  • No used plumbing or pipe

  • Shingles, yes- in whole bundles, rolls of roofing materials, and new roofing

  • Gutter materials, yes- with no damage

  • Sheetrock (drywall), yes - 4’ lengths and up, conditions must be that 4’ of sheetrock is salvageable, 8’ length and up accepted

  • Masonry –yes, we accept cinderblock, stone & brick if it is dropped off on a pallet

  • No paint or stain

  • Vents, yes – floor, ceiling, and return vents that are clean and in good condition

Cabinets/Countertops/Vanity tops 

  • Yes, clean cabinets that are in good working shape. 

  • No countertops without accompanying vanity

  • No China cabinets or hutches


  • No carpet, carpet padding, or area rugs

Ceiling fans

  • Yes, with mounting hardware


  • No chemicals of any kind including paint thinner, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other toxic or hazardous chemicals. Any opened or unidentified chemical. (must have a special license to sell/resell)


  • Yes, exterior and interior doors without holes or damage

  • No flat panel doors


  • Yes, residential wire, plugs, plates


  • Yes working printers, stereos, DVD players, phones

  • Flat-screen TVs- Yes

  • No tube or Rear Projection TVs

  • Used and broken electronics (except for TVs) are accepted for recycling

  • No computer monitors (tube or old CRT style)

Filing cabinets

  • No filing cabinets


  • Yes, new vinyl tile and new ceramic tile, (must have at least 3 boxes)

  • Yes, unblemished hardwood.



  • Yes, if it's in good condition and free of rips/tears, permanent stains, odor, excessive wear/tear, and pet damage 

  • Yes, patio and outdoor furniture

  • No China cabinets or hutches

  • No baby cribs

  • No large bookcase headboards

  • No bunk beds

  • No lockable chests or trunks

  • No desks except roll-top desks

  • No entertainment centers

  • No lead-painted furniture

  • No sleeper sofas

  • No water beds

  • No pool tables

  • No filing cabinets

Gym and Exercise Equipment

  • No gym or exercise equipment


  • Yes, for doors, and cabinets in working condition, free of rust


  • Yes, baskets, knickknacks, silk plants, decorative plates, silverware, glasses, framed pictures, framed mirrors, lamps, etc.

  • No items intended for use by children under age 12​



  • No, wooden ladders ladders

  • Non-wood ladders may be accepted IF no defects are present and ALL original OSHA labels are present and legible).


  • Yes if all parts are included 

  • No brass lighting features

  • No fluorescent, halogen, sodium or CFL light bulbs.

  • Yes, working LED's are acceptable

  • Yes, working incandescent light bulbs


  • No pianos or organs

  • Yes small working instruments

Mattresses & Box Springs

  • No mattresses or box springs


  • We accept records, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray in good condition

  • No moldy books

  • No home movies or home-recorded media

Medical equipment

  • No, we do not accept medical equipment


Mirrors/ Glass

  • Yes, if it is framed and in good condition without cracks

  • No unframed glass or mirrors

Plumbing Fixtures

  • Yes, new or clean used sinks

  • Yes, clean bathtubs

  • Toilets in good condition with no chips or stains. No partial toilets (must have base, tank, lid & hardware). No toilets with tanks greater than 1.6 gallons (1992 and older).

  • No potable water fixtures/ fittings made before 2014, faucets, ice makers, or dishwashers." New" products that meet the guidelines will be marked "NS-61" or "Lead-Free".

  • No garbage disposals

  • No hot tubs

Office Furniture

  • Yes, roll-top desks accepted

  • No desks (except roll-top)

  • No filing cabinets

  • No cubicles or office partitions


  • Yes, hand or power tools


  • Yes, double pane windows with glass intact; no cracks of fogging in the glass

  • No single pane

  • No window parts

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