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Foundation Sponsor, Delta Air Lines, Reflects on their Partnership with Habitat.

Smiling Delta employee at Habitat for Humanity's Rock the Block home repair

Matt Heringer, Engagement Center Manager at Delta Air Lines, has been involved with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati for over 20 years. He also volunteered on behalf of Delta with local Habitats in Seattle, Atlanta, and Mexico. This year, Matt and 40 other volunteers from Delta participated in Rock the Block Covington. We are grateful to Delta and all the volunteers for their support as a Foundation Sponsor for Rock the Block in Covington.

Matt says that his favorite part of volunteering at Rock the Block is working side by side with homeowners. He loves seeing the impact of beautifying and repairing homes across a neighborhood. This year, Matt's team worked with RTB homeowner, Lynette. The team was able to clear the lot next door to Lynette's home and repair her front gate that she hadn't been able to use for many years. Lynette was so proud of the work completed at Rock the Block that she gave the Mayor of Covington a tour of her yard and the repairs. Lynette has continued to spruce up her outdoor space since Rock the Block. Matt loves that "Rock the Block showcases the greatness of our Delta employees while supporting the mission of Habitat."

Rock the Block homeowner standing in front of her newly repaired gate at a Habitat for Humanity Event

It is the mission of Habitat that keeps Matt coming back as a volunteer year after year. "I am also so proud to carry on the Delta legacy of partnering locally with the Habitat of Humanity of Greater Cincinnati for over 20 years along with leadership from Dave Bertis, Rick Andrae, and Debbie Cowles," says Matt. "Delta employees have great memories of participating in a “6 week House Build," numerous other house and day builds, starting the 9/11 remembrance builds, and now partnering on several Rock the Blocks." 

Delta's mission is to connect the world, and Matt says that mission "starts with our commitment to being a strong partner to the communities where our employees live, work and serve. [...] As a company driven by purpose, giving back to our communities has been core to Delta and its culture for nearly 100 years."


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